Regular RoRo Service between Zarzis (Tunis) Seaport and Tripoli (Libya) Seaport is on track to become a reality.

January 2022 would witness a great development in the marine transport sector between Libya and Tunis. A joint  investment and cooperation forum will be established between Libyan and Tunisian investors. During the 3 day event, 14th to 17th January, one of the main topics that will be discussed is the is the operation of a regular RoRo service between Zarzis Seaport and Tripoli Seaport.

The meeting will be held in Zarzis City in south Tunis. The discussion will be revolve around  strengthening the business cooperation between the two countries not only in all economic aspects but also in the manufacturing, services and transportation sectors including projects such as the RoRo service.


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