Travelling to Libya:

  1. As of 16th March 2020, Libyan Authorities announced that due to the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic all air, ground and maritime Libyan borders will be closed for 3 weeks (with potential extension).


  1. AS from 13th March 2020 Educational institutions have suspended their activities for a period of 14 days in order to mitigate the possible spread of Corona Virus.


  1. As at 16th March 2020 there were no known cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Libya.

Ports in Libya:

Are closed to passengers, but cargo is still permitted entry.

An order issued by the Marine Authority provides that it:

1. prevents direct contact with arrived ships and ships must deal with the agent only.  The agent will handle all paper work;

2. except for emergency cases, the crew of arrived ships must stay onboard their ships when they are in Libyan ports.

In addition, from a case we are dealing with first hand, if a vessel is calls to Libya from a country that has recorded COVID-19 cases, the vessel will go into quarantine for 14 days at anchorage.   The quarantine period starts to count from the date the vessel sailed from her previous port of call. Thereafter, she will undergo an inspection by the Health Ministry.  If she is found “clean”, she will then be permitted to enter the port.


The courts in Libya have postponed most cases until June and only urgent matters are being dealt with.

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